Partners in business and life, farmers Emily and Adam met at UNC Chapel Hill advocating for local food options on campus. On a whim we decided to work on area farms after graduating and quickly fell in love with the rhythms of growing produce and flowers while stewarding land through the seasons.

We were so inspired to share the beauty and the bounty, feeding the earth and our community, that we founded Mighty Tendril Farm in 2014 on leased land and moved the farm to Cedar Grove to continue growing in 2017.

We specialize in cut-flowers, fresh vegetables, and fruits and strive to provide our customers with high quality, nutritious food for the body and soul throughout all four seasons. We love color and flavor and do our best to offer varieties that lift your spirits and please your appetite. 

One of our favorite farming perks is being able to cook delicious food and share meals with friends. We are also grateful for the daily chance to spot the hawks and insects that contribute to the farm’s food web!