Locally Grown with Love

Everything we grow on the farm is grown with love. We want our event flower customers to feel confident in the product we provide, knowing they are the freshest seasonal blooms available, never sprayed with harsh chemicals or imported from around the globe. Our hope is that as you enjoy our bright blooms you will feel the love surrounding them. Our flowers are sure to spark joy and enhance sweet memories.



For DIY arranging we offer bulk buckets filled with the farmers’ choice of the best flowers the farm has to offer at the time of your event.
If you would rather have Mighty Tendril Farm arrange flowers for you, we offer options for arrangements as well as "wear and carry" flowers.
You may also choose to do a combination of both bulk blooms arranged by you and flowers designed by us. Send us an email to mightytendril@gmail.com to let us know a little more about what you're looking for!